Celebrate Mom in Style with Nina Wynn's


Create an exceptional shopping experience

Host an unforgettable and exclusive event showcasing Nina Wynn's Convertible Jewelry Collection!

We invite you to book this extraordinary program designed to offer your customers the most innovative and personalized jewelry experience ever.

Gift with purchase

Permanent Birthstone Bracelets

Receive 10 free permanent birthstone bracelets. A retail value of $750.

You don't need a laser welder to close these.

We will send you 3 pieces of each birth month for a total of 36pcs for your inventory during the event. You'll send back what you did not sell minus the 10pcs.

How to close these? You just need a pair of pliers and a cutter to finish up the wire-wrapping to close these.

By introducing Nina Wynn's patent-pending Convertible Jewelry System, you'll not only boost your store's sales, but you'll also create an exceptional shopping experience that your customers will cherish and keep coming back for.

Event Booking Request

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